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. a multimedia presentation for interested investors. the road show slide show. very straightforward, educating investors as to what twitter is. twitter in its second day of 7 today. as to what twitter is. we do expect them to start trading sometime next week. back to you. >> thank you, scott. >>> with the rim fire in yosemite now fully contained, we have a much better idea of what several bay area family camps plan to do in the future. contractors have completed erosion control and testing for hazardous materials at this camp site. they're now working on a master development plan to submit to the u.s. forest service this fall. until then, they are checking out a number of possible temporary sites for next summer's camp. part of the san jose
to talk to your neighbors and look out for one another. >> education is key, and if we can tell them what to look for, how to better protect themselves, it makes less chance of them being a victim in the future. >> it's going to take an effort by the neighborhood to keep an eye out and help the police track these people down. >> well, some of the i mean that went to that meeting say they plan to get together in smaller groups to talk about ongoing issues and also to get to know their neighbors a little bit better. >>> south bay city is locked and loaded ready to take on the nra. people in sunnyveil will vote on a measure next week. if passed, it would tighten gun laws in sunnyvale and lead to a lault. it would require gun owners to lock up their weapons when they're away from home, and report a stolen gun within 48 hours. it would also require detailed information on ammo sales and would ban all magazines holding more than ten rounds. if passed, the national rifle association has said it would sue sunnyvale to block the laws. a move gun advocates in the city support. >> i think it's big g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2